Design and Build

It’s in the name. Our 5,000 square foot shop in Brooklyn houses a design and digital fabrication studio, a full wood shop, and a full metal studio. Every client receives our complete dedication to craft beautiful, functional, and durable products that are built to last.


We handle projects of many scopes. Our specialty is problem solving and we focus on working with architects, designers, and general contractors to brainstorm unique spaces in order to get projects done on time and on budget. From individual custom furniture pieces to complete build outs, we ensure that your exacting standards are met.

Lean and Adaptable

Everything we build is completely custom. We ask questions until we understand your needs and then we work tirelessly until they are met.

Your job is our business; we don’t have to interrupt a production shift to think about your job and squeeze it in between runs of stock cabinetry.

The space dictates the dimensions and the use dictates the materials; we don’t rely on standard sizes and materials that happen to be in stock.

Detail Oriented

We think about every variable and apply time-honored construction techniques to new situations.

We understand that wood moves, and we know how to plan for it.

We know that you expect your furniture to last a lifetime, and we build it so that you can pass it on for several.

We know what materials to suggest, the finest hardware to use, and the best joinery to hold it all together.

Efficient and Scalable

Housed under the same roof, we have a design studio, wood shop, and metal shop. The technology we have invested in allows us to create complex parts repeatedly and reliably.

Having our studios interact allows the team to understand how all of the pieces come together so that we can efficiently design and fabricate interlocking parts of a larger project.

We often collaborate with other design firms, millwork companies, and event producers to scale up for large projects, even hosting other teams in our space.

Badass Industrial Steel Railing for Juniper Jones

Spherical Shelves for Google Chromecast Launch

Retrofitted Kitchen for The Lincoln Motor Company

Ash Counter Breakfast Nook for Sivan

Walnut and Zebrawood Bar Cart for Diane

Solid Walnut Bar Top for Jackbar

Painted Maple Cabinet for Amy

Maple Mirror and Cash Counter for Mitchell & Ness